Apple WWDC 2004

Earlier this morning Stevie fired up his RDF for the unveiling of Mac OS X 10.4, Tiger, as well as several obscenely large displays. Of notable absence in the keynote was an update to the iMac line of products. This is going to delay my planned upgrade to iMacs as they currently represent piss poor value for money.

On the other hand, the keynote revealed some gems for the open source hippie/standards junkie inside all of us. They're supporting Jabber as a protocol in iChat. They're using H.264 as a video codec (not sure if it's royalty/patent free though). They're supporting RSS feeds in Safari. And, of most importance to me (at this particular point of time), they're including libxslt in their standard unix base. Why should I care about that simple library? I'm guessing they're including it (and developing for it I think), because it's used in Safari - which means that I can finally dump the dodgy script for converting XML to XHTML. This means that this site will have support from all recent web browsers. Please note, this is not a web browser.