Best kept Secrets

Edit - 4/7/04: They sent a new case. The postage probably cost more than the case.

Best kept secrets dvd cover

Parallel importing of CDs has worked its magic again. I've just received my copy of Best Kept Secrets, the best of CD/DVD combo from Lamb. Due to record company madness, the CD isn't available with the special edition DVD in Australia, but it is available in Hong Kong. After dooing a bit of a Froogle search, I stumbled upon Cd Wow, a budget CD exporter. The CD with the special edition DVD was actually cheaper than Sanity here, and only a little more expensive than HMV. Apart from the cd case being a little broken (which I think CD WOW replace for free), it was quite a find. I'm going to go back to watching the (apparently region free) DVD now.