Digital Crack

Apple have continued in their tried and true business model of selling digital crack with the release of AirTunes.

This is a pretty cool little device, if only for the fact that it's tiny and it can play back streamed mp3s with no need for a computer near your stereo (Hooray for light-weight clients). The real fun will start once the smart cookies get a hold of these devices and reverse engineer the protocols. A whole world of possibilities can be opened up for controlling the playback of mp3s. Combine this with mt-daapd, and you could have quite a comprehensive solution for playback of music that is only reliant on Apple for the hardware and firmware.

On the flipside of this announcement is the new iTunes (4.6) which is slated to be released any time now™. This is probably going to break everyone's daap server code, so it will be a little while before I can upgrade, and see if they've added better support for Shared libraries