iTunes 4.6 and damn proxies

iTunes 4.6 came out, and added absolutely nothing in terms of functionality for me. Luckily it didn't break mt-daaapd, so that almost makes up for the fact it wasn't a very interesting update. I guess more interesting stuff will happen once the AirTunes devices are out in the market, and they get hacked.

The new G5 Powermacs also came out yesterday, no more affordable at AU$3600 at the bottom end, but sporting dual cpu lineups. Maybe the WWDC later this month will yield some better value propositions.

On the other hand, plenty of things became broken when all outgoing connections were blocked at work. Of particular annoyance is the lack of ports 110,5050,5190 and 18somethingsomething. For someone who works a fair bit on the internet, it's not too fun to be boxed into the oh-so-fun world of HTTP only. This basically means I can just browse the web now. Oh, and send internal emails. All this because of a) Windows machines getting regularly owned by viruses, and b) schmucks who decide that a work connection is their one-stop leeching station.