The new

It's been a long time coming, but it is finally here! I've finally managed to figure out how to maintain a text-based log on a website, without ripping my hair out trying to update files through a clunky ftp interface.

My salvation has arrived in the way of Blogger, which gives me a multitude of ways to add updates to this site. The best part of all of this, however, is that I can spit out valid XML, which can then get styled up using my XSLT and CSS.

Apart from the presence of the blogger component, I've been waiting on Camino project to land XSLT support in the browser. This leaves Safari as the only browser which cannot natively display XSLT-ed XML files. With any luck, I can get the web-host here to install XML::LibXSLT, and I can add a small bit of perl-magic to handle any similarly feature-retarded browsers.