Weekend bits

Updated: Ben's blog link was borked

I'm far too hung-over to do anything exciting today. I didn't quite make it to see the Baggsmen playing at the Basement last night, instead opting for the cosy confines of the Cricketers. While I'm a little miffed that I didn't go and see some music, I don't think I really missed the overpriced drinks at the Basement. The pub is pretty nice, and would make a welcome change from the Bank as a default venue for after-work drinks. Of course, being slap bang in the middle of nowhere does not help with getting public transport there.

In sharp counterpoint to my debauched evening, is this (link from Ben) email that I heard about from a few people at work. There is probably no meaningful context that I could provide to the email, except to simply say that the experiences detailed are both powerful and inspiring.