Harry's Pies

Last night I discovered Harry's Pies - a poorly kept secret in Sydney, which due to my life in the burbs and disdain for driving into the city, I neither visited or even knew about until late last night. What impressed me about the pie stand was the cult following that it seems to have, and how everyone hanging around the pie stand seemed to be attempting to lower their blood alcohol level so that they did not get caught at a RBT. I decided that I should try out one of their pies, and after waiting (which was surprising for 1:30 in the morning) in the queue, I limbered up to make my purchase. The first thing that struck me about Harry's pies was the conspicuous absence of pies. They'd obviously run out of pies much earlier in the evening, and were restricted to selling metric bucketloads of hot-dogs. Given my general disdain for the meats found in hot-dogs, I scurried across the road to the local servo to pick up a packet of chips. I will be making a point of returning to Harry's pies to sample their food, if only just to say that I've eaten there.