I know.. Origami!

I don't like musicals very much. I don't know why, exactly, but I just can't get over the format. It seems that recently, in Australia, there have been a torrent of musicals being unleashed to the unwitting public. Some of these musicals actually have some serious credentials behind them, for example Mel Brooks wrote The Producers. Another big name (in the comedy stakes at least) is Ben Elton, who by all accounts is very funny. His musical is We Will Rock You, and looked for the most part particularly uninspiring. Uninspiring that is, until I saw an actual ad for the production. I saw none other than Michael Falzon in the lead role. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Michael's work (and I wouldn't blame you), let me show you a picture of his previous work:

You may remember Michael from the breathtaking portrayal of the hacker Neo in the seminal Australian film "Computer Boy". You can find the film available for your viewing pleasure from here. It's good to see that the fantastic work done in this film has launched him onto the world stage.