The Soilinator

I saw Doom 3 being played for the first time today. It is a genuinely scary game, which has almost convinced me to actually go back to the world of pain that is x86 computing, just to play this game. We got the game installed on a 1.6 Ghz machine, with a pretty average video card, turned the lights off and turned the surround sound way up. Even on such a vastly underpowered machine (running at 640x480!), the game looked great, and the scripted action tied the game together really well. The "pinky" demons have been nicknamed the soilinators, after their first appearance in the game where we're pretty sure Joe Random marine has soiled himself seeing it jump through the window. I'll be hanging out for the Mac and Linux versions of the game, just so that I can at least play the game. I should really just rent a top of the line computer for a month and just play the game till I get completely sick of it.