Clare - You've got me too

Last night Fredrik, Mel, Nina and I headed off to see Clare play down at The Vanguard after being cajoled into going again. It was a good show, punctuated by pangs of sympathy for the trucker support act and delicious cookie cocktails. I was really sleepy though, and there were points where I was so comfortable that I may have drifted off into a micro-sleep (sorry Karl). I'm a bit of a Clare convert now, and I quickly signed up to her e-mailing list. Getting home was a real pain, which I largely blame on the fact that I couldn't get access to any timetables. I was very tempted to ring up and get someone to do some intarweb searching for me, but instead I just winged it on some of the night-ride services. On the upside, at least I didn't have to run all the way home.