It's not hip-hop... it's Electro

I swear people like me must have been the target audience for Shaun of the Dead. Talk about appealing to a tiny demographic. It's a Rom Comzom flick, with humour in the same vein as The Office. Now, I'm a big fan of zombies, they're just comical in the way they run around being very slow and stupid, and are probably the least scary in a hypothetical menagerie of scary things. My favourite movie in this genre is Evil Dead II, a true classic. So the idea of a zombie comedy immediately appealed to me, and I would have been just happy with the movie on it's own. They took their credibility with me up a fair number of pegs when I saw the number of Ninja Tune posters plastered up in various scenes in the movie. These guys had seriously good taste in music. Extra points as well for working in a reference to "A Clockwork Orange", and aracde-shooters, especially with monsters coming in everywhere except from through the front door.