Sydney sucks (sorta)

After travelling around a few different cities in the world, I've come to the conclusion that Sydney sucks. It's not really the fault of Sydney as a whole that it sucks. It is more to do with the fact that to do anything in Sydney that involves travelling is a bit of a nightmare.

For example, last night I tried getting into Newtown, and every step of the way there, the public transport was late. I don't know if the trains and buses are running on some kind of Bizarro-world timetable, where they all conspire to be equally late, so you never miss your connecting train/bus. That way your journey is smooth, at the expense of taking an extra hour to get where you wanted to.

I can understand if public transport is bad, because it's a public infrastructure, and if it's not funded well enough to scale to demand, of course it's going to fall over. That doesn't quite explain why the indicator boards have stopped working on the train stations, but I'll let that pass. The thing that really got to me was that at ten to twelve - on a TUESDAY night - there was slow moving, almost stopped traffic going across the Harbour bridge. That's just not cool. I expected better from the hard man of the NSW state govt. At least the new guy is local so he's readily available to whinge to.


benjamin *

ummm maybe it's just living in epping that's the problem?

Hiren Joshi *

That could be it, although the problems were just as bad when catching trains in and around Central and Newtown. My theory is the millenium trains are screwing things up big time, making all the electronics go a bit wacky.

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