Old-school Websites

Google finally got around to indexing this page again, so you'll notice on the left a little search box which will automagically search the site for whatever you are looking for. While I was on Google, I decided to do a bit of a vanity search. Alas, my Google ranking is fluctuating between poor and shit-house. I blame this on the sheer number of people who really have no business using my name.

I ended up stumbling upon an ancient looking site that my brother hadn't updated for a while. On it was a link to the Penguin Abduction Centre. The Penguin Abduction Centre (or PAC) as it was known then, was my first bit of real estate on the internet. I spent hours in Paint Shop Pro crafting logos and literally minutes writing various witticisms to fill up the page. It was truly a work of art. Naturally, I felt the need to nostalgically gaze upon the page, and as always the Web Archive came to the rescue. The pages it cached were copies from around about late 1999, but the page had existed since about late 1996 (at my reckoning). So - for your viewing pleasure, some selected pages from the PAC:

Once I got out of high school, the pages got a little slicker - as seen here.

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