Pancake saturation point

Like all the great annual traditions, Easter has come and gone, it's passage marked with a long weekend, and precious few scary bunnies hopping around. As part of the long weekend, there is a mass exodus from Sydney, where everyone runs away in the hope of catching that last bit of elusive sun (which I missed a whole lot of thanks to my travelling) before winter sets in.

This year, my voyage was towards the Snowy Mountains, located down near the border of NSW and Victoria. A camping trip had been organised this year in Sawpit Creek, and we all piled in to our respective cars for the drive down to the mountains. Apart from regularly missing exits for rest stops and watching a car spin out onto the wrong side of the road, the drive down was uneventful - which is surprising given how crappy traffic is these days. We managed to get down to the campsite by 3pm (6 hours travel time), which was handy, as our campsite wasn't quite reserved for us :).

The whole mountain retreat area was really a bit of a luxury camping zone, equipped with all the mod-cons such as firewood and modern bathroom amenities. I was secretly hoping that I would have to do a bit of wood-chopping or something, turning into a bit of a modern day Robinson Crusoe (minus all that shipwrecked malarkey), but the presence of these facilities really ruined that illusion. Just to pound the illusion fully into the ground, I ate junk food for the majority of the weekend, apart from some apples (Thanks for carrying them up the mountain Ed!). To give an idea of what my diet was like - I was eating Shake-n-bake pancake mix. Every morning. We also discovered that Tuna can be mixed with anything to produce a new fantastic foodstuff, and that potatoes are self-igniting. Something to do with proteins no doubt.

You can see a photo from the trip to the left, and the full gallery of pics can be found here, and here.


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