I was reading through Slashdot earlier this afternoon, and stumbled across an article (or more accurately short blurb) on Epidemic simulation . I didn't read the article, but it's something to do with simulating epedemics (Who would have guessed). That's not the important part though. They had a link to a slightly more important simulator - that is the Zombie infection simulator. It's strangely appropriate since I only just re-watched Shaun Of The Dead a few days ago. It is very cool to see these puuny humans run around in a panicked state when a Zombie appears around the corner. Naturally, I will not be running around clueless and powerless to stop these zombies, because I will have a copy of "The Zombie Survival Guide : Complete Protection from the Living Dead" handy. Yes, that's a hint for someone to buy it for me. No. My birthday isn't coming up for a while.

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