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Today has been one of those really strange days, where everyone seemed very manic, and I somehow managed to remain, in a fit of diametric opposition, gainfully calm. Between trying out the latest social networking fad on the block, finding new and inventive uses for underpants, and being part of some truly bizarre conversations over numerous lunch and coffee breaks, I managed to find the time (or rather I made the time) to try out my latest and greatest toys - a new pair of headphones. I listen to a fair bit of music, and since I was having a pretty average week last week (evidenced by the amount of soothing Jack Johnson I listened to), I decided to flex my purchasing muscles as a symbolic middle finger to the world - everything might be going to shit, but I'll be damned if I'm going to go down without a good soundtrack. Being initially thwarted in my plan to get a new CD (Thanks to the poor selection available at HMV Macquarie), I ended up buying a set of good headphones that I've had my eyes on for a while. The Alessandro MS-1 headphones are quite a step up from the headphones that came bundled with my previous mp3 player. I'm no audiophile, so I can't exactly deliver an in-depth review of the headphones, but I can say that they sound pretty good. Coupled with that, I've been listening to a few new albums from the Another Late Night, full of very groovy tunes. Less than a month to go before some new (re-released) Mr Scruff :)

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butercup *

First off, is yahoo trying to be the new google with the whole "it's in beta" and "invitation only" thing?? And then "oo oo set up a blog at yahoo" ... so, google has gmail, google groups, and blogger, not to mention picasa, hello, the google toolbar, notifier and desktop search, and yahoo has ... yahoo.

Mayne I should post something about this on my blog. Naaaah. Inertia rules.

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