Validate This!

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally managed to bring the site up to a relevant standard. I'm transitioning a lot of the site across to meet the specs, which is a time consuming task, as I've got to go through and make sure all my xml is now in the right format (For example, my photos page does not validate).

In addition, I've changed the default format in which these pages are served up - no longer will you be able to access the pages in their glorious xml-only format, as they are all translated via the xslt on the server-side (even though Safari now supports XSLT). The reason for doing this is because the search bots are having a hard time at indexing my site, often only just going to the index page. I'm hoping this will encourage those curious spidery little bots to venture further into my site to index.

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Hiren Joshi *

Sonofabitch. Comments added in via blogger cause the page to fail validation. Poo.

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