You might notice a few small changes here and there on the main page. For those of you still on Internet Explorer, it might appear as severe breakage of the main page. For the rest of you, you'll see two links in the bottom of the navigation bar at the left. I've added a new style for this main page - you can switch it on by clicking on the link saying "Ice". It will remember your choice, so if you like the style, you can stick with it. If you're a conservative at heart, just click on the "Clean" link and all will be back to normal. Some pages will not actually display with the right style, since I will have to republish those pages to get them working. I'm giving this a few weeks on the internet before I switch the style across to "Ice" permanently.

Since I now have Safari RSS to play with (thanks to everyone's favourite big cat) I've also added in the Atom feed autodiscovery link.

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butercup *

yah yah yah neato - I vote Ice.

btw nice atom feed, but I already subscribed using bloglines ;)

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