Apple and Intel and Marklar and *head explodes*

What the hell? I seriously didn't expect that to pan out like it did. The weirdest thing is that the OS X on x86 technology is called Marklar - these guys have clearly been watching too much South Park. This makes my decision to buy a new laptop harder now. Do I wait a year (doing a ram and battery upgrade to keep me going for another year), or do I shell out for a shiny new PPC laptop, which may last me another two years - albeit at a slower clockspeed. Just to reiterate - Macs running on Pentiums. WTF? Oh yeah, we're all royally screwed now, since there won't be a single chip in the desktop machines which doesn't support DRM. Which means that content providers will feel safe and sound in restricting the fair use of media, since they know that the platform it's delivered on (Intel or AMD) will support it. This is how they will push the hardware upgrades to a DRM capable platform. Crappity crap crap crap.

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