Centrelink bound!

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As of Friday - for the first time in about 7 years, I am now unemployed. Yay for me! I had a very nice farewell lunch at the Great Northern, and the kind people of PSL were gracious enough to indulge my musical obsession, and gave me an iPod shuffle for a leaving gift. I've been playing around with it today, figuring out neat ways to fill up the shuffle with the music I'm listening to. I didn't really think that the shuffle really matched my listening habits - but after thinking about it, and reviewing my Audioscrobbler history, I think I do actually listen to a few albums routinely - usually when they come out, and then eventually stop listening to them. So, for example, I've had Beck's Guero and Coldplay's X and Y playing a lot on repeat. Every now and again, I go back and re-listen to some of the older music I've got - especially if it's fantastic (or Radiohead). I also wanted to souvenir something from PSL, but I luckily didn't have to, as I got a special limited edition hand-crafted PSL mug for me to put my tea in. It's a little bit of Proteome history that I just had to have :).

I've now got a few weeks to do important things like selling bikes and signing up for income support from Centrelink (which you can apparently get if you're living away from home and studying). I'm also gearing up for the party next week, so I'll be making plenty of trips down to the bottleshop, stringing up lights, and collecting combustible materials. All very exciting!

Update - I couldn't resist, so I've added a bit of history about the mugs, extracted from an email I received detailing their history. The rest of the email is libelous so I haven't reproduced it.

...[Upon arrival] the mugs immediately became a subject of harsh ridicule and cruel jokes. People preferred to lap scalding hot coffee directly from their cupped palms and deal with the 3rd degree burns later than to have their lips touch the edge of the PSL mugs, which had they been some type of farm animal, would have been quickly and efficiently euthanased to put them out of their horribly misformed congenital defect agony.


Hiren Joshi *

Just the one bike! I'm afraid that I won't be able to ship it over for a decent amount of money.

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