The Forgotten Army

So yesterday I had a go at making a post to this using the Dashblog Dashboard widget to try and make use of the wicked new features of Tiger. Being an optimistic bastard, I wrote up the entire post, and then sent it off without even making a copy in the clipboard just in case things went wrong. Of course, it went wrong, the post dropped off into the ether somewhere and I was left feeling very stupid. So let's try this again.

I went to see The Forgotten Army on Friday, with Fredrik and his Swedish crew. I hadn't heard of the band before, but they were playing in the Transit lounge at the Metro, so I figured I should go and check them out. Standing out side the Metro, I watched for a few minutes as someone set up what looked like a test pattern projected onto the outer wall of the George St. cinemas. Turns out it was just a promotion thing for X and Y, the new Coldplay album (It's not too bad - requiring a few more listens I think). The support acts, Blue Gin and Halogen (from Perth) weren't too bad, but not outstanding either. I think I probably spent more time wondering about the height of the lead singer from Blue Gin, the colour of the socks of the lead singer from Halogen, and the path this crazy guy was tracing as he paced back and forth across the stage.

By the time the main act came on, I wasn't really expecting too much. I was very wrong though. This plucky four-piece really impressed me - they were reminiscent of Muse and a touch of Radiohead. I was probably most impressed by the creative arrangements they used in their music - it wasn't simple guitar thrashing. I picked up their EP that evening, and have been listening to it pretty consistently for the past few days (apart from a big block of the Foo Fighters which I did yesterday). Go and find music by these guys, I'm sure you'll be impressed with them (if you're into Radiohead / Muse anyway).

While we're on the topic of quality entertainment - go see Crash, with the very excellent Don Cheadle in it. It's a tough movie to watch, but ultimately rewarding. Is LA really that violent? Do people actually live normal lives there?

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