I used to get in arguments at work about the proper method to make tea. I'd chuck a teabag into some water, then heat it up, add some milk and then heat it up again. I did this to make Indian tea, which tastes superior to regular tea in every possible way. It doesn't taste wishy-washy, and certainly doesn't taste like water with a bit of milk added to it. I used to call this process of cooking the tea a fusion process, whereby I fused the milk and tea together. No-one believed in my method for cooking the tea, and would often mock my efforts in producing the perfect cup of tea. It turns out that I am not alone in my quest for the perfect cuppa. I told you I was right.


Bhautik Joshi *

That's right.. if you don't boil it twice, you can't be absolutely sure that all of the benificial antioxidants are destroyed!

Anonymous *

I'd like to talk a little more about teabagging, but as this is a family site, I'll leave it for another day. Besides, everyone knows that the best way to make a cup of tea is to use coffee instead.

butercup *

heheh. What's more funny is that there are 70+ comments on the linked blog, and they range from rabidly opposed to that kind of tea making to ... rabidly opposed to that kind of tea making.

Anyway sounds good, I'll try it next time, but right now I have a fresh cup of really hot tea made the old fashioned "teabag+zip boil+milk way". Faster. And I was using the microwave to make breakfast. (I know, that's no how ye make porridge.. sheesh!)

Anonymous *

don't listen to those totally ignorant pepole who has no idea what a perfact cup of tea taste like. Enjoy your perfact cup. Cheers!!!

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