One enduring impression I receive from the whole London bombing situation is that the people haven't exactly been scared into submission. It seems like a vast majority of the people are a little miffed that the tube system has gone from bad to worse, and now they have someone they can really vent their anger at.

I was hoping to go to London soonish, and I don't think these attacks are going to change my travel plans very much. I've been trying to figure out how to find cheap flights and to organise my weekend getaways. The whole process of trawling the web, attempting to make a booking with each discount airline is a pain to say the least. I was overjoyed then to find SkyScanner, an airline aggregator of sorts. You can choose flights from city to city, which is useful for those cities with numerous smaller satellite airports around it. Even better, you can have an RSS feed for a particular city (Frankfurt in my case) which will list all the cheap flights flying out from that city. It works really well, and now means that all I have to look for are those special one-off deals which will make travelling even cheaper. A return flight to London in mid-August costs about €55 or AU$88 (which includes taxes!). Door to door, I'm thinking it will cost about €100 or AU$160ish. Does anyone else know of how to search for dirt cheap travel?

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Don't forget to phone ahead when you go to London. Nothing worse than turning up on someone's doorstep unannounced. And avoid the travelling in the city. Your bills have taken care of. JJ

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