Party in Germany next year

Start booking those tickets now kids. It's world cup time! Give me a bit of notice (like soonish) and I'll start trying to figure out how to accomodate everyone who will be coming across.

For those not in the know - Australia got through to the world cup!

Update now that I've calmed down a bit: I couldn't find a place to watch this game live, but chanelling my obsessive page reloading from new Apple announcements, I sat at work reloading the OCAU forums, getting updates every couple of seconds. It was a bit of a race between the game being over, and me having to head into a meeting. Luckily, Australia won before my meeting.

As another bonus, the world cup starts on about the 9th of June. My birthday is in mid-June, so consider flying across for the World cup - if Australia have a game on the 15th (that's a Thursday), it will be guaranteed to be a massive party. Apparently this region (Baden-W├╝rttemberg) is gearing itself up to be a hub, as it's only a few hours train ride from a number of stadiums. Lots of open air viewing location goodness. It'll be like the Olympics all over again, albeit a bigger, and more hooliganised one.

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