Fare-thee-well 2005

The game is up for 2005. It's time for the obligatory navel-gazing and to-do list for 2006. 2005 is ending much like 2004 ended for me - flying out of a strange country to spend time in a slightly more familiar location. This will be my first proper New Years in London, and coincidentally my first night out on the town in London. Being 12 last time I spent the New Year in London, I never really appreciated the party potential of the city. Maybe I should try heading down to the Forum to see Mr Scruff do his New Years magic.

I'm going to try and avoid the whole year in review thing - if I really want to review my year, I can just repost the archives from this site. Ah feck it - here's a haiku about my year.

So much change this year
Most of it was my fault
Somehow it worked out

In other news - 2006 is shaping up to be the year that the world finally ends, what with all the signs of the apocalypse that have made themselves evident over the course of 2005. I hope it doesn't end too early in 2006, because that would kind of ruin my plans for next year. These plans generally involve getting my PhD back on track, and then padding liberally with trips around Europe, watching the World Cup, and a trip back to Aussie at the end of the year. If I'm lucky, I would have also learnt a decent amount of German in that time too. That's the To-Do list done.

Next year is also shaping up to be a good geek gear year - with Apple continuing their policy of releasing digital crack. In fact, this post from 2004 about a new Powermac has almost become reality. I might pick up the new Mac Mini at the start of next year, and I will probably finally cave and buy myself a full-sized iPod, so that I can sit on the bus and chuckle away at some hilarious podcasts, or watch some time-shifted TV. It may also actually be used to play some music. On the other hand, I could just end up waiting another half-year, and see if those wireless iPods ever materialise. Always the glutton for punishment, I'm going to try and get broadband again - even if it means making a cantenna and trying to steal some interweb access.

I've actually been a bit sneaky with this post, writing it up so that Blogger will automagically deliver the post on the 26th. I'll be back and bad-arse after the break, so all the best for the New Year kids!

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