I guess the witches do float


Priding myself on my knowledge of useless trivia, it's kind of sad that I've been referring to the event I went to yesterday as some sort of pagan festival. It turns out that the evening of the 30th of April is actually Walpurgis night, having it's origins in spring fertility festivals. There's not much to be really said about it, beyond the fact we had to climb up to around here, and there were a lot of people there - with estimates going up to about 30,000 people. It was the usual outdoor festival scene - a bunch of people who had hauled up beer and wine to have a picnic, with the added bonus of lots of people playing with fire. Being a little bored, I started playing with the camera, trying out some new lighting tricks. I was a bit disappointed I didn't bring my mega bright LED torch along, but I got some interesting effects using a little hand-held LED torch. Once again, the lack of steady support for the camera really made it difficult to get some good shots off, but you can take a look at pictures from the night anyway.

Update - As expected, the interweb delivers the goods again, and Flickr has a whole bunch of pictures from people who were also there - check out the Thingstätte Walpurgisnacht slideshow.

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