We're going Kubbing

Kubb match in progress

Last weekend I partook in one of what I hope will be an ongoing series of BBQs held on the Neckarwiesen in Heidelberg. It was a great BBQ, and we had a good turnout for the superb weather. There was many beverages downed, and things bbqed (A warning for any people thinking about coming to Heidelberg to live - it's actually really hard to find veggie burgers). For entertainment, we chatted amongst ourselves, and played games of Kubb.

Kubb? Well, it was described to me as a game where you throw sticks at other sticks. Wikipedia has a slightly more verbose description. It's also been described as Viking chess (probably due to it's origins in Sweden). I think that description is actually quite apt, due to the scope for tactical skullduggery within the game. It's also really simple to pick up, and gets you up and moving a little. It's also a little dangerous, as you'd expect when you liquor up two competitive teams and then get them to throw sticks at each other. Once you get the hang of not aiming at people, you end up finding that you can be quite accurate when throwing the sticks. Well, except for that one time that you miss a target 1' in front of you. You can pick up a set in Australia off Ebay, but they're quite expensive, and you're probably best off crafting your own. Click the picture above to see the rest of the pics from our Kubb match.


butercup *

the pictures leave a lot to be desired - where's the alleged other team? Did you just get drunk and start throwing random sticks you picked up off the street ...? How many field kubbs were there left? Who won? What did the ever-so-slightly-more-drunken end-of-game shenanigans look like?

Sheesh man! Get us all interested then the big letdown.... Anyway I saw that cafepress has some "I play Kubb" t-shirts. You should get some ;)

Fredo *

Yee, kubb has reached Germany. Cool.

Get some practice so you're ready to defend the Aussie colours when we meet up!

Hiren Joshi *

To answer Di's questions:

The other team was there, just not as photogenic as our team.

No random sticks were thrown, however sticks were thrown randomly.

Since the field kubbs never go out of play, they were all there, but we won one game by a good margin

We drew at one game all. The decider was abandoned due to poor light.

Post-game shenanigans involved watching a bunch of people swimming down the river with candles in their hands. Lit candles. I'm not kidding.

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