Do I really need to eat? No.

As soon as I figure out the cheapest way to buy one of these babies, I'm going for one in sinister black with 2GB of ram. Yeah, I'm paying extra money for the black case, but goddamn - have you seen it?


butercup *

erm, don't get me wrong, but doesn't that just look like a regulation thinkpad/inspiron/whatchamacallit lappie? Why is black the new black? I thought Apple was making the statement "I'm white, and I'm proud!" ... or was the black iPod really that much more successful than the white one. Come to think of it, why not get a white *and* a black one so you can always be sure to match your outfit.

/me waves paw and says "bah".

Hiren Joshi *

Well, the thing is about the black laptop is that it's a lot harder to see the grubby stuff that accumulates on the keyboard. Could you imagine having to clean the white laptop all the time?

butercup *

Could you imagine having to clean the white laptop all the time

Well .... how about not getting it so grubby in the first place ;)

Although truth be told, my lappy is not black, nor white, it's a fetching shade of silvery grey and it's very good at hiding grime. Which is especially good because D™ uses it in the kitchen while I'm cooking dinner.

Hiren Joshi *

You mean it's a bad idea to eat in front of the computer?

Hiren Joshi *

You know what, I think I'm going to get the white one after all that. The black just doesn't look quite right.

Anonymous *

Vacillating wildly on the idea of picking one of these up. Given that the ridiculous resale values of Apple hardware have held up nicely even in the wake of the Intel transition, perhaps a quick sale of the 12" PowerBook and an equally quick swap over to a MacBook might be on the cards.

Sorry Hiren, I wouldn't get the black one. Steve no doubt gets sent an e-mail automatically whenever someone pays extra for the 2GHz black one so he can laugh hysterically. I agree it does look nicer than the white version, but it's simply not worth the extra hundred and something dollars for the colour.

All that said...will I kick myself in a few months time when the MacBook Pros get upgraded to Meroms? And this brings me back to the plan of the nothing and keep plugging away on the 12" PowerBook.

Well, at least it's not a PC, hey Di!?! Suffer in your jocks.

Anonymous *

my colleague got one of these to work at home on. But she's heavily pregnant so I think she doesn't feel that great about it.

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