Oz Day


I had large plans for Australia day. Involving a BBQ and a case of VB. These plans had their genesis in my trip to Gothenburg, and witnessing the insanity that was the Dancing Dingo. The plan (basically) was to get a BBQ, trundle it out to the middle of Marktplatz, cook up food and drink beer in a safari suit, possibly wearing an Aussie flag cape. Like all my really good plans, it was wholly idiotic, and I had to give up after I realised I didn't have a BBQ, any VB, or a safari suit.

I tried to make up for it - I made a special trip to the Australian Juice store near my place, and had a chat to Steve, the guy running it. I felt kind of stupid just going in there to say hi, so I ended up buying a smoothie. For future reference, if anyone asks you if you want a cold drink in -2 weather, the correct answer is no.

Later that evening, I met up with Geoff and the fabled Amanda - two Australians who I had recently met. It was a good evening - thankfully no Waltzing Matilda being sung, and a decent number of brews imbibed. It didn't really compare to say sitting around in the sun with the Js in the background, but the weather turned out quite nicely - with the snow falling as we left the pub.

To be honest, I don't have much to write about in terms of funny stories, or pointless debate. I just wanted an excuse to post up a picture of the snow. It's the only snow we're getting this year.

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