Hiren is writing a blog post.

Like some kind of zombie, I'm back if only just to let my dear RSS enabled readers know that I'm still alive. It's summer, and I've been pretty busy. I went to Barcelona last month, which was a massive hoot. Last week, I was in the slightly colder Dublin (no pictures I'm afraid). Those of you waiting for an overly long blog post or essay, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait a bit longer. The abundance of summer BBQs and other outdoors activities (coupled with an increased workload) mean that I don't have time to write my usual drivel. If you're after poorly formulated drivel, you can always hit me up on Facebook, where you'll find craftily crafted status messages written in the third person. I'm considering the implications of taking Facebookisms into the real world - talking in the third person, running around with a spray can tagging people. Following these people around for hours, only to get bored, and then to start following their (good looking) friends around, until you finally find yourself amongst a group of people banding together to try and get someone's child named Batman.

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