Imagine, for a moment, that your boss asks you to write a very detailed report on what you've been doing. Then imagine that it has to cover every conceivable detail. Then imagine that everything you did was right. Then imagine that your work covers three years. Then imagine that you've got one of those anal retentive perfectionist personalities, and so even your crappy diagrams have to look perfect. Then imagine that your boss isn't even going to look at that report. That's a thesis in a nutshell.


Anonymous *

I was going to say that to make you feel better I will read it so that you have at least one reader.

But before I commit - how many pages/words is it?

(I want to support you but only to a limit ... :)

Hiren Joshi *

We're talking about 100 pages-ish. Thankfully, the real meat only lives in one chapter, so you can actually skip reading the rest :)

Anonymous *

Thesis writing, aah. Those were the days :D

Anyway, that was a spot-on description of a thesis. Me like!

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