Aspirational tendencies

So, for those that don't know I'm back at my parents place. The nice thing about this is that I have access to the copious junk that I had left lying around when I hastily exited the country. One such piece of junk is this literature that I produced in high school back in London. Called (somewhat unoriginally) "Me, Myself and I" it is the autobiography of a 12 year old north London boy. I never really understood the logic of having a 12 year old write an autobiography, but the fact is, it exists. As you'd expect, the vast majority of the book is very dry, factual information, since I had about two great stories to tell about my life thus far, and they involved either something falling on me, or me falling into something. However, right at the end of this 38 page odyssey, there are two pages of glorious aspirational prose. They're linked at the start of this post, but I'll transcribe them here, for the graphically challenged readers. I'll leave the interpretation of this wholly up to you, but I've handily hyperlinked a few key terms.

Me in the future

Dear diary, this year as I now recall, war is raging and robots rule the land, these are the afterefects (sic) of a war, Terminators walk the skull stricken land and the last Terrans hide awaiting their warriors to return, then a Terminator bursts in and after a great struggle wipes out the last of humanity.

To be honest that stuff was in the national archives and was made by a drunk geaser (sic). Most people think I was mad leaving science as I was getting too old. I would have kept the job but I never got enough pay, thats why I changed to Sierra on-line, you get a good pay and stuff like that, but I also love computers, I even wrote that down in an autobiography. Nice talking to ya diary, see you tomorrow!

P.S. - Today I got up on the wrong side of bed, but I really brightened up when I finished "SQ100 — ATTACK!", when I got home the kids were out and I had the most delicious meal in the world. I've finally got Sound Blaster Pro III. I hope I get a good sleep!

My hopes and dreams

My hopes are to achieve something, even if it means getting more merits than anyone else. Everyone says that I should become a scientist or a computer programmer. well, have I got something for them, I'm going to try to be both. My dreams are to Invent something, and make up my own computer application and start up a buisness (sic). My hearts set on computers and science so a job just between would be perfect. We'll just see what my exams bring up.

Me as a parent

For a start I won't let my kids go wild.
I'll just keep things nice and mild.
They better be a whizz kid
or I'll flip my lid.
I'll get a nice computer for them
and play with them,
I'd take Sunday off for them.
Now I'll be firm, let them be bad
but they better not get told off
I'll make sure they hve friends
and that's all I need to say.

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Y'know reading the diary entry from the future I notice little has changed. When I proclaimed "8 years of bullshit!" in Heidelberg I was wrong. The bullshit has been running free for at least double that time.

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