Temporal insanity

Wow, 11 months here. It sort of goes really quickly when you think about it. I'm getting ahead of myself here - you'll get a one year review at the start of July. I'm just a bit too busy to go all retrospective again. Incidentally, two years of this current incarnation of Penguinsdotmoohdotorg passed on 06/06/06. There's a date which the Americans aren't going to get wrong with their wonky date format.

Let's get some housekeeping out of the way - I've signed myself up to Flickr with a pro account, so I've been working on getting all my photo pages hosted on Flickr now so that I can take advantage of their really cool slideshow thingie. You can see it in action at my party page where the pictures are now up. Eventually, I'd like to write a purely browser-based display of the pictures, but I don't think I'll have time any time soon.

As expected - the last part of May, and this first week of June has been ludicrously busy. Yun and Henry are intermittently staying over at my place - when they're not running around scoffing down food from every single restaurant they can find. I'd like to think that the guys were just here for my birthday party, but they're actually around for this little festival which a few of you may have heard of - The World Cup.

Are you happy Di? I'm talking about it now. The official matches in the tournament start tomorrow, and hopefully with a bit of decent weather, I'll be able to sit outside and watch the matches. A lot of people have been asking me what the atmosphere is like in the country. To be honest, it's not much different from any other time, except with a fair few more English accents heard around the place. Certain things have changed however - my regular pub trivia has been shelved to make way for every single game to be shown. The decorations are up like Christmas decorations. You'd be hard pressed to miss the games here.

I've got a horrible feeling I'll be spending a lot of my evenings in the pub now, watching Australia fight it's way to the Quarter-finals (is there anything that Sir Guus can't do?), where they will valiantly go down in a match which we will unjustly lose. It's always the case. The friendlies so far have been encouraging, with good results against Greece, the Netherlands and Liechtenstein.

I have all the gear ready for supporting the team. Jerseys, Cork hat, face paint, tickets to the games. For those of you back home who want to get into the action, I'd like to announce my special way for you to support the team - just click this link (which will only work for those of you reading this in a browser), and transport yourself to a world where you're the number one Australian team supporter. I do offer this advice to other Australian supporters however - If the unspeakable should happen, and Australia is knocked out prematurely, don't despair. You can always just try to pass yourself off as a Brazilian supporter.


Anonymous *

You made me snort coffee, you bastard! :D

Anyway, yes you could say I'm happy now. I was hanging out for your special take on world cup fever - and I was of the opinion that either a) you had fallen into a big hole and had forgotten the date or b) you were so caught up in the feverishness of it all that you were neglecting your good ol' blog buddies....

Glad to see it's just b) and all's right with the world. And just out of curiosity, did you decide to reformat your blog on 06/06 deliberately? Well there ya go.

BTW, the worldcup theme has 2 problems 1) it looks too much like Brazilian colours - the green's a bit limey and the gold's a bit yellowy; and 2) the comments are broken.

I guess we won't get many updates blogwise from you once the WC actually starts (err, flushes?) because you'll be down the pub all outfitted in your corkhat. Which reminds me of a joke...

Hiren Joshi *

Fixed up those colours a bit. Trust a girl to know the difference between colours. There's only one type of green right?

Anyway, for those of you using IE, the theme is broken. I'm not going to fix it for the moment, as I don't have access to a windows machine.

I decided not to do any official 6/6/6 tie-ins, since Dr Who did such a fantastic job on Saturday.

Bhautik Joshi *

With the Dr. Who thing: sure, there is a tie-in with the 6oh6o6 but didn't you pick up an any of the Cthuhlu mythos references? The sideways nod to Doom - both 1 and 3? Past few episodes have been stinkers, but the last one was very watchable.

butercup *

ahhhh much better colours now :)

And yes, there's only one type of green. Just like there's only one type of MacBook no matter what colour it comes in :P

brionydoyle *

You're painting your FACE? I'm related to someone who's going to wear face paint and is over the age of eight?
Soccer - sorry, football - fans. Sheesh.
Although I have to admit to joining the office tipping comp. On the basis that random guesses on a choice of two might actually succeed and will really annoy all the people at work who take the whole thing seriously ;)

butercup *

first off - I know I'm running late with this comment.

Secondly - "watching Australia fight it's way to the Quarter-finals (is there anything that Sir Guus can't do?), where they will valiantly go down in a match which we will unjustly lose."

Did we unjustly lose that last match?


Hiren Joshi *

If only we got through to the quarters! I still hurt every day from the miscarriage of justice that occured on that day. Four years to go until revenge is ours.

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